Our ongoing relationship with our partners helps eliminate repeat offenses among DUI offenders and helps keep our roads safer.


DUI Attorneys

We offer your clients the best rate and service to help get them back on the road safely and legally. We work with you to make sure they have the most up-to-date ignition interlock information. We also help your clients succeed at complying with monitoring authorities so they can maintain their driving privileges.

monitoring authorities

Guardian Interlock works with you to ensure that DUI offenders are properly monitored and that you are always kept up to date on their progress. Our Responsible Driver Program is designed so that you can monitor each participant’s status quickly and easily through our tracking and reporting system.


Recovery counselors

We work with recovery counselors and their clients on a confidential basis that respects their privacy while addressing their legal needs. We help educate your clients on ignition interlocks so that they can return safely to their lives with the least amount of financial hardship possible. 


road saftey services

A variety of organizations and agencies are involved in making our roads safer by continued research, advocacy and discovering techniques for keeping drinkers off the road. Many organizations endorse ignition interlocks as a proven tool for monitoring those on a restricted license.